I have been a technology professional for several decades and the one thing that I have learned is that most business people do not want to think about technology. I don't blame them. Technology is not their core business and it is a cost center. In short technology is a pain.

However, we live in a world run by technology. To run your business you need email, you need computers, the Internet and various bits of technology. So even it is not what you are excited about, you need to deal with it.

So to that end I am creating this newsletter. To offer my clients, friends and collegues technology news, tools and advice in short easily digestible bits. I hope you find it valuable and worth your time.

Max Abramowitz, President
William Max & Co.

In the News...

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that support for Windows 7 is ending. After January 14th 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for computers running Windows 7.

If you are using computers running Windows 7 in your business, now is the time to upgrade.

Cool Tool...

Sending files by email is easy and convenient and it is a bad idea. Email is inherently insecure. In many industries: legal, financial and medical you have an obligation to your clients and partners to ensure that sensative information is handled a secure manner.

https://send.firefox.com is a free service from the makers of the Firefox web browser which enables you to send up to 2.5 GB of files in a secure manner.

Food For Thought...

Most companies think that having a backup of their data is sufficient to protect their business. This is wrong. A backup is worthless unless there is a plan to restore the data and the infrastructure to access it.

For a small business this might mean having a spare laptop. For a larger business this means having a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

Developing a disaster recovery plan to something every business owner needs to do before a disaster strikes. Creating and managing a disaster recovery plan takes time and resources. Hopefully you will never need it...

...and if you do you will be glad that you did.