Which is better OneDrive or Dropbox?

Which is better OneDrive or Dropbox?

I recently received this question from one of my clients. Like many of my clients they have an Office 365 subscription and use a 3rd Party tool to archive email and backup Office 365.

My Answer:

Like everything…it depends.

Dropbox, OneDrive and other similar applications have advantages and disadvantages.

• OneDrive is “free”. It is included as part of your Office 365 subscription.
• OneDrive integrates with other Microsoft products. In particular I find the integration with Teams handy. I can put files into a Teams channel and then sync that folder. This puts a folder into OneDrive that I can drag and drop files into and have them show up in Teams.
• Your OneDrive is backed up using DropSuite.
• Dropbox makes sharing folders easier.
• Dropbox is more popular than OneDrive so sharing files with those people is easier because they are already familiar with the process.

These are a few of the advantages I could think of off the top of my head. I won’t go into the disadvantages because my mother always said, “If you don’t have something nice to day, then don’t say anything at all.” 😉

In my case I use both Dropbox and OneDrive. I also use NextCloud which does exactly the same thing that Dropbox and OneDrive do and I use NextCloud because it has better sharing options than Dropbox and OneDrive and because I can run it on a private server economically.

If you have a specific use case, then I might be able to make a more bespoke recommendation.

I hope that helps.