Press Release

NEW YORK, NY, Feb 13, 2013 -- William Max & Company, a business-to-business systems networking and software company, has agreed to acquire the client portfolio for Evolvis Corporation, a business-to-business rapid prototyping and software design company. "This new path forward marks William Max & Company’s commitment to expanding in the areas of software development, piloting, and deployment while complementing our already existing expertise in computer networking," states Max Abramowitz, CEO of William Max & Company.

The long-standing partnership dates back to 2010 when both organizations shared a common client in the food and beverage industry which is still in business today in Lower Manhattan. Since then, in addition to prior partnerships, both organizations have mutually referred clients to the other over the years in their respective areas of expertise. This agreement marks the consummation of these complementary businesses into a single vision.

Max Abramowitz, of William Max & Company, will be spearheading the decision-making and strategic vision of the company, while Michelle Savage, of Evolvis Corporation, will be stepping down to pursue other business endeavors. The name of the organization will be William Max & Company which represents the culmination of Max Ambramovitz’s over 20 years managing and investing in business-to-business software companies in New York City.

William Max & Company is a full service technology consulting firm based in New York City, with 20+ years of experience providing support for a broad range of technologies to clientele from a multitude of industries.